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The company Bickers stands for an innovative product group which, thanks to decades of experience, has become a synonym for universal solutions in the adhesives and sealing sector.

Bickers has become popular thanks to the high quality of its products. The will to constantly improve together with flexibility and enthusiasm has brought us where we are today: a well-established, internationally recognised partner of industry and craftsmen.

About us

Your glueing expert "Our experience - your advantage"

Bickers is well known for fully automated XY GLUEJET-tables, manual and automatic glue application systems, quality hot melt glue guns, hot melt adhesives in the form of sticks, cubes or granules, cold adhesives and dispensing systems, metal adhesives, electrically conductive adhesives, sealants, epoxy, cyanoacrylate adhesives and special solutions for our customers. Over the years our products have been constantly improved and modified. Our customers’ ideas and suggestions are a constant source of inspiration for our development team. 

Bickers products are strong because they are practical. Our experience enables us to provide professional advice for our business partners, even for the most complicated problems. Together we will find the tailor-made solution for your needs. 

Our staff members are happy to share their knowledge and will always be at your service for quick and constructive assistance. In addition to our “home crew” we have a customer service team that can help you on the spot. Satisfied clients world-wide bear witness to our success. You will find more information about our product range on the following pages. For details contact us at our headquarters in Essen/Ruhr or visit us at a trade fair near you.

Glue Guns

Bickers Industrial Glue Guns suit 11.3 mm, 18.3 mm sticks and even granules from a main tank. With temperature settings from 120 ° C to 230° C and minimal heating time, these products are also suitable for precise short run work. An impact resistant and lightweight housing ensures long life of the product and fatigue-free working..

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Klebepistolen VE-212

Exakt VE-212


Exakt SUPER-306


Exakt K1-LCD




Exakt VE-192


Industrial Glue

Industrial adhesives are an indispensable part of today's production processes. They are used everywhere where highest stability and efficient processing is required. Our adhesives are used in the industrial production of cars, books and magazines, computers and mobile phones, home appliances and furniture, packaging and even in textiles and much more. Bickers offers an extensive product range of effective adhesives that are perfectly matched to the different applications.

Industry Machinery

Bickers is well known for fully automated XY GLUEJET®-tables, manual and automatic glue application systems, quality hot melt glue guns and hot melt adhesives. On our website we present the most common products. If you do not find the required product on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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