Melting Units

For medium sized batch production we recommend our Bickers With its huge melting tank from 4-16 liters it is ideal if there is no need or space for bigger machines. We are pleased to help you finding the right product for your needs.

Dura Blue

Versatile, simple and reliable are the  outstanding characteristics of our DuraBlue Adhesive Melters for the processing of assembly and packaging adhesives of nearly all forms of preparation. DuraBlue Melters are fully electric and do not need compressed air for the bead or line application of adhesives. A  protective contact socket is absolutely sufficient for normal use.

The modern and appropriate industrial design simplifies the daily operation and reduces maintenance to an absolute minimum. 

Our redesigned membrane keyboard with a graphic diagram of tank, hose and applicator heads respective hand applicators simplifies the programming of the five heating zones and shows the exact status of all comonents at one glance. The precise PID temperature control ensures accurate observance of the present parameters.

In standbymode, a temperature reduction treats carefully all hot melts. Likewise the design of the DuraBlue tube tank is fully appropriate for careful treatment of the adhesive and high melting capacity. The teflon-coated cylindrical form eliminates  dead corners and minimizes adhesive char as well deposits of foreign  particles.

For point, line or swirl spray  application up to two material hoses with high speed applicator heads or heavy duty handguns for point, line or swirl application can be  attached. Their durable design and excution provide safe operation and  long life time.

A large selection of standard and special nozzles is available for the most diferent forms of application.

Technische Daten

System: Tank unit with Gerotor-pump
Tank capacity: 4 Liter / 3.9 kg (also available 10 und 16 l)
Melting capacity: 4.7 kg / Std.
Max. Pump delivery rate: 18 kg / hour.
Gland- / Application head connection: 2 Standard
Max. operating pressure: 40 bar
Temperature range: 40° - 230°C
Ambient temperature: 0 bis 50°C
Temperature control accuracy: +/- 0.5°C
Power supply: 200 to 240 VAC 1-phasing 50/60 Hz
Max. power input at 240 VAC: 3355 Watt
Weight system: 42 kg (empty, without tubes)
Dimensions (B x H x T): 334 x 478 x 552 mm

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