Pneumatic Glue Guns

Exakt K1-LCD

The Bickers Exakt K1-LCD pneumatic glue gun can applicate high and low viscous hot melt adhesives in granulated, pillow, stick or cardridge form. The electronic temperature regulation is functionally integrated in the handle and ensures, depending on the model, a proper temperature regulation from 100°C - 230°C. The K1-LCD glue gun thus maintains the exact temperature for nearly all types of 


A stationary support and a foot switch will help you e.g. in glueing small parts. You can use both hands for more productive work flow. Different nozzles, foot switch, balancer, supports for deposit and stationary operation are further options in organizing your working place to full advantage.

  • ergonomically formed handle
  • non breakable housing with clip-stand
  • lit On-/Off switch
  • drip-free nozzle with silicone protection
  • air pressure control
  • integrated tank with 250ml capacity
  • high quality-processing

Recommended Supplies

Nr. 1 Standard nozzle M14 versatile

Nr. 2 Standard nozzle M14 fix

Nr. 3 Grouting nozzle standard

Nr. 4 Grouting nozzle short

Nr. 5 Grouting nozzle long


Technical Data

Connection: 220V / 110V erhätlich
Power: 400 Watt
Air pressure: 6 bar
Tank capacity: 250ml / 310ml / 330ml
Weight: 1200gr.
Max. Temperature: 235°C
Heating-up time: 3-6 min.
Max. output per hour: 250ml / 310ml / 330ml


The Bickers HMS-A Hot Melt Spray glue gun can spray high and low viscouses, pressure sensitive and standard hot melts without solvents. From the smallest adhesive point of approx. 0,1g up to a line of 100mm length and 2 – 150mm width, extremely thin or millimetres thick.

Air pressure regulation and gauge pressure indicator are integrated in the bed plate. Fine adjustment of the air pressure guarantees an optimal and exact  adhesive application in the range of 0.2 to 6bars. Spraying air and glue pressure can be controlled via pressure gauges.

The electronic temperature regulation  from 100°C – 210°C is integrated in the handle for easy adjustment of the optimal working temperature requiredd for the respective adhesive. The electronic reacts to smallest temperature variations for a maximum
preciseness of application.

Spraying of adhesives has many advantages. You can applicate e.g. adhesives on difficult to reach areas without problems. With pressure sensitive adhesives it is possible to achieve a permanent adhesion with unlimited handling time (like double-sided adhesive tape).

Whilst applicating and spraying hot melt adhesives no unhealthy solvents are released.

The Bickers Exakt accessoieres ensure a work place configuration taylor-made to your needs.

  • ergonomically formed handle for fartigue-free working
  • non breakable housing with integrated stand
  • Ablagestativ mit Druckluftregelung und Manometer
  • lit On/ Off-switch
  • manometer display
  • temperature control
  • Adjustor to ore-set the amount of glue output
  • integrated tank with 250ml capacity
  • high-quality processing

Recommended Supplies

With our executive range of accessoires you can still expand our Spray Glue Gun Bickers HMS-A.

Nr. 1 Spray nozzle standard

Nr. 2 Ornament nozzle

Nr. 3 Swirl nozzle standard

Nr. 4 Nozzle-cap

Nr. 5 Nozzle-cap; wide


Technical Data

Connection: 220V / 110V erhätlich
Power: 500 Watt
Air pressure: 6 bar
Tank capacity: 250ml / 310ml
Weight: 1200gr.
Max. Temperature: 210°C
Heating-up time: 3-6 min.
Max. output per hour: 250ml / 310ml

JBE Micro dosing unit

Micro dosing units

Bickers Exakt JBE-1113 is suitable for a multitude of different applications. All connections are included and it is ready for use within a few minutes.The metering of microdroplets is no longer a problem, as well as filling and casting of different components.

Suitable for Media of all kinds, equipped with a vacuum retaining system to prevent dripping of low viscosity media. Time domain adjustable between 0.01 and 31 seconds.


  • Timer
  • Wide range of applications
  • Protection agains dripping due to vacuum retaining system
  • A cost-effective system that is highly reliable.
Mikrodosiergerät JBE 1113

Technical Data

Dimensions: 219,2 x 215,9 x 66,8 mm
Weight (netto): 1,59 kg
Time adjustment: 0,01 – 31 seconds
operation category: time controlled or manually
Input Voltage: 100 – 240 V AC
Working Voltage: 24 V DC
Compressed air input: 5 – 7 bar
compressed air output: 0,1 – 7 bar
Standards: CE-Sign

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