Cleaning Agents and Solvents

To complete our range of adhesives, we offer cleaning agents and solvents. Adhesive residue on machinery, carpets, plastic, or on your hands can be removed easily and gently with our recommended products.


Bickers Magnolit Remover removes adhesive residue from hands, from upholstery, plastics and many other materials. The most common fields of application are: electrical and electronics industry, light industry, metal processing, automotive engineering, model making and furniture  industry. 

Bickers Magnolit remover is known for its functional security without attacking the surfaces. Even cleaning of the hands is completely unproblematic.

HM 48

Bickers HM48cleaning agent is a degreaser based on naturally renewable raw materials. It is ideal for cold cleaning of machine surfaces, application equipment, facilities and especially for removal of stubborn and jammed impurities such as uncrosslinked adhesive residues, tacky glue also.


Bickers Exact HM BLUE is a cleaning agent in granule form, dyed blue for better recognition. 

The precision of our HM BLUE is particularly distinguished by its excellent cleaning action for non-crosslinked Purmelt, as well as very good  wetting properties. 

The cleaning agent is usually processed at the same temperature as the previously used hotmelt adhesive and flushed

through tanksystem. Its uses are specifically tank melters, - hoses and guns..


Bickers HM MEC is a hot cleaning agent for polyurethane hotmelt adhesives and non-reactive hotmelt adhesives.

Our Bickers HM MEC hot cleaner is suitable for the removal of  non-crosslinked and crosslinked polyurethane hotmelt adhesives, as well as cracked or angekokten adhesive residue.

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